Wholesale Product

Image Selection

We source the best images from institutions around the world, with most images sourced by us from North American museums.  We work with museum store managers and museum curators in selecting the best and most popular images to reproduce as giclee prints.  Of course, a percentage of all sales are returned to the owning institutions in the form of royalty payment.  Purchasing from Art of Museums helps support cultural institutions!  We also publish and respect rights protected works, so all images covered by copyright are approved for use by the artist, the artist’s estate, or their representative.  Art of Museums clears all rights to copyrighted artworks, so museums don’t have to pursue clearances!



Our goal is to publish the best quality reproductions, and therefore, we seek color approval from the owning institutions (and from the artists or their representatives, if copyrighted) of the works we publish.  In other words, images are proofed and color approved by curators and frequently, the artist.  We strive to publish a giclee that most closely represents the original work.


All of our giclees prints are archival quality and are printed on the best acid-free matte papers, which are smooth in finish.  Our bright white 230gsm sheet is an environmentally friendly paper, which has been developed and manufactured specifically for quality reproductions printed as giclees.


Our giclees are digitally printed using a 10 color inkset with a color permanence of 100 years, provided they are not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.  Our colors are precise, rich and lush.  As a result, Art of Museums’ prints have received rave reviews from museum curators and museum store managers.


Art of Museums publishes all images in their entirety with no cropping or details (unless requested and approved by the owning institution).  The image is printed in proportion to the original artwork and then surrounded by white border – the size of the border is determined by the final trim size of the overall print.  We offer our prints in five (5) standard paper sizes, making them readily frameable!



We package our prints with museum store display in mind.  All giclees are housed in a clear resealable cellophane envelope with 50 point white backing board.  While many of our competitors use thick foam core to back their giclees, our backing option provides sturdy support to the packaged prints without taking up excessive room in your inventory display.  That means you can feature more inventory on the sales floor, where it will move, rather than taking up space sitting in your stock room!

An option is to order the prints matted.  The packaged and backed print ships in a cellophane envelope with the mat placed in front of the image. Our bright white 2- ply mat has a smooth finish, is acid free, and has a white bevel.  Matting your prints make a handsome and luxurious presentation.  Mats are custom cut to surround the image without border, and the outside trim sizes of the mats are the same standard trim sizes as our overall paper sizes, making the matted prints ready to frame!

Finally, the backs of all clear resealable envelopes are labeled with the same copyright line (credit line) which appears at the bottom of each print.

Please feel free to inquire about special branding options we can create for product shipping to your store!


Our ArtBlocks are a fresh alternative framing technique, ideal for finishing Renaissance, Post-Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary, Asian, Folk Art, or photographic images.  The border of the giclee is cropped and the image is mounted to Masonite.  The mounted print is then framed in a 2 inch deep hand-stained wood frame.  The frame moulding is sourced from sustainable North American forests.  ArtBlocks are available in a variety of finished sizes and can be ordered in either black or “cognac”.  Finished size is determined by the size and format of the original artwork, prior to reproduction. 

All ArtBlocks ship with an easy to use hanging device.  Hang your ArtBlocks on the wall, or display them on a shelf, countertop or mantel!  There are minimum order requirements, so please inquire.

Prints on Canvas

Due to requests received from several of our museum store buyers, Art of Museums is now offering public domain images printed directly on canvas.  Prints on canvas are available strictly to the trade of images sourced from museums’ own permanent collections (with occasional approved exceptions).  Prints on canvas are available either stretched with Museum Mount finish, or stretched and framed in a black Block style frame.

We welcome inquiries for prints on canvas from museum store buyers.  Minimums may apply.

Postcards and Notecards

Most of our published giclee images are also available to retailers as postcards and notecards.  Postcards are sold loose, or in a clear cellophane envelope.  Scored and folded notecards are available either loose, or packaged with a plain white mailing envelope in a clear resealable sleeve.  Postcards are designed with the border-surrounded image on recto and a standard postcard design (with copyright information and address space) on verso.   Notecard images are also surrounded by border, and copyright information appears on the back of the blank notecard.  Notecards can also be ordered as boxed notecard sets of either 6 or 8 cards with accompanying white mailing envelopes.  Please inquire regarding specifics.

We take great care to assure the same quality found in our giclee prints is found on our postcards and notecards.  We print our notecards and postcards using the same color approved image files and the same inks as used on our prints.  Notecards and postcards are printed on quality-rich 300gsm weight bright white paper.  Minimums apply.